Culture: Yemen: A trip to Sanaa

A City of Gardens, Greeks and Turks The city was also home to a sizeable Greek population; the Greeks owned all kinds of stores, selling matches, cigarette papers, tins of sardines, paraffin lamps, mirrors, clothes and all kinds of alcoholic beverages. They had previously been employed in the excavation of the Suez Canal in Egypt.... Continue Reading →


Book Review : No Endings for Maysloon Hadi’s ‘The Brotherhood of Mohammed’

In her latest novel, The Brotherhood of Mohammed, Hadi, who lives in Baghdad, portrays the life of people in an ordinary Baghdad alley: their homes, their personalities, their beliefs, their dreams, and their hopes in times of international war, sanctions, and then sectarian war. Her characters show the diversity of the Iraqi community, where the characters lived... Continue Reading →

Competition: Overland Neilma Sidny Short Story Prize

Overland Magazine "Neilma Sidney Short Story Prize" is open now As per overland Magazine ," the  prize seeks excellent short fiction of up to 3000 words themed around the notion of ‘travel’; imaginative, creative and literary interpretations are strongly encouraged. This competition is open to all writers, nationally and internationally, at any stage of their writing... Continue Reading →

The Salib Sufi Project The Salib Sufi Project was founded by Saleeb Fawzy to offer a new mix of Coptic music and Sufi tunes and chants.  Accompanied by instruments from East and West, the band performs a mixture of classical recitation and modern singing, featuring elements of Old Coptic. Interview with Fawzy about his music and work Continue Reading →

Fall 2018: Launching ArabKidLitNow!

News from Arablit : Arablit annouced the launching of  ArabKidLitNow, a fresh view on contemporary Arabic children's literature, in Arabic and in translation. The website is for publishers, readers of Arabic , translators ,language learners , readers in English, teachers and  more. Find more about the site and how it can benefit you  via this... Continue Reading →

Culture: Fairy Tales Land

Fairytalez ( is a website that delicated  to Fairy tales and folk tales from around the world. you can read stories from the One Thousand and One Nights collection , which is the most famous story collections from the Arab Wrold. One Thousand and One Nights is a collection of Middle Eastern folk tales, which... Continue Reading →

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